Photography Workshop

So you want to take better pictures? Well here we go. We offer you three levels of teaching:


Level 1:

Beginner course. Get familiar with your gear. Then in automatic modus we will shoot some nice portraits outside.

A model will join us.


Costs: 140,-EUR (8 hours)


Level 2:

You know your gear, you know light issues, well it`s time for the manual mode. Let`s face it and try to shoot good pictures on location with available light and a model.


Costs: 170,-EUR  (8 hours)



Level 3:

You want to know more about your gear, about landscape, about portrait photography and how to earn money with photography, well this is your course, which takes 2 days each 8 hours time. Includes a professional model for sport, fashion and lingerie.


Costs: 300,-EUR  (2 X 8 hours)